VA Technology Ltd represents ‘state of the art’ in shellroom systems and equipment technology. Extensive experience in successfully installing complete systems throughout the Investment Casting Industry ensures ‘world class’ solutions to individual end user needs, backed up by dedicated customer support personnel in Eur, USA, and China.

Continued commitment to product development, and linking company focus to the success and well-being of the end user ensures the highest quality service before, during, and long after the system or equipment has been installed.

VA Tech has engineering design at the very heart of its mission. With relentless commitment to excellence in Mechanical, Electrical, Control, and Automation systems design, the company has delivered a vast range of machines and technologies, helping to transform ceramic mold manufacturing from art-form to an industrialized process.

All of the machines are designed by VA Tech and engineered to meet the specific requirements of the Investment Casting industry. Constant feedback from working closely with end users on proven system installations in all sectors has enabled the engineering team to go further in developing the technologies and equipment performance, keeping the process ‘out in front’ for net shape manufacture of precision cast components.

30+ Years of Innovation